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Whiskey Adventure Kit Cocktail Bitters Sampler (1/2 oz)

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About the Product

This sampler pack of three whiskey-loving flavors (Aromatic, Pitch Dark Cacao, Super Spice) will give you space to experiment with flavor and the flexibility to accommodate a broad range of whiskeys and dark spirits.

Bitters add depth, aroma, and complexity to drinks of all kinds (not just cocktails). Whiskey + sugar is just sweet whiskey. Whiskey + sugar + bitters is an Old Fashioned - deeply aromatic, smooth, flavorful, and comforting. It’s a drink that makes you think and ignites your imagination while trying to figure out why it’s so good. It’s absolutely not sweet whiskey.

Aromatic Bitters: Delight your Manhattan, Champagne Cocktail, or Old Fashioned with these balanced, herbaceous bitters. If you think the story ends (sadly) with Angostura, these will change your mind.

Pitch Dark Cacao Bitters: Deep, dark, luscious cacao is brought to your glass in this bracing and complex blend. Portland's own Pitch Dark Bolivia cacao and pure organic vanilla bean are used to create these bitters that at equally at home with dark spirits or vodka. Give your favorite hot chocolate or coffee an extra dimension!

Super Spice Bitters: With the grounding presence of fenugreek, these Super Spice bitters are here to embrace your hot toddy, warm cider, old-fashioned, or heart's desire. Go ahead, kick it up.

About the Maker

Portland Bitters Project thoughtfully crafts their bitters better - with organic botanicals, organic cane spirits, and raw sugar so nothing gets in the way of pure flavor. Their process results in complex, concentrated flavors that play on many levels on your palate (not just bitter) for a rounded and enjoyable drinking experience and more flavoring power from every bottle.

More Details

  • Three (3) 1/2-ounce bottles
  • Made from organic botanicals
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Crafted in small batches
  • Bottles made from amber glass block UV light to keep bitters tasting fresh.
  • Waterproof labels
  • Made in Portland, Oregon