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Owl’s Brew was founded by tea experts Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield. Two Tea Drinking Boozers who insist on making beverages the right way (or some might say the old-fashioned way), with real ingredients and slow processes. They believe you deserve to celebrate freely, with the knowledge that what you’re putting in your body was intended to be there. 

Owl's Brew uses traditional methods to deliver their robust, delicious flavors. They fresh-brew using 100% real organic tea and botanicals, steep in large kettles (think your morning cuppa tea x 100) and finish them off with real fruit juice and a splash of real cane sugar. They insist on “True Flavors,” not “Natural Flavors.” And doing it the wise way, so that all the benefits associated with tea and botanicals are preserved and enjoyed.

Their mantra is 'Drink Wise'. Why? Because they're obsessed with process and fresh-brewing their teas - when you do that, all the benefits associated with tea and botanicals are preserved. Tea is rich in antioxidants, has a high concentration of the polyphenol ECGC, and contains vitamin C, vitamin B, and trace minerals. The same cannot be said for big beverage brands who use 'natural flavors'.

Owl's Brew is dedicated to making their products in the best way possible, to deliver the most delicious flavors and the maximum benefits. They promise to never compromise on flavor, ingredients, or process, because we all deserve to celebrate with a drink that is crafted with care and made with 100% real ingredients.

Drink Wise. Live Well. Celebrate.

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