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Quercus Oak Cocktail Bitters (4oz)

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Artemisia Farm's Quercus Oak Cocktail Bitters are bold, rounded, and slightly spiced, with a mid-palate that brings to mind an aged spice-box and tobacco. These versatile bitters are perfect for pairing with bourbon, rum, mezcal, sweet vermouth, oloroso, dark Amari, and fruit.

Tasting Notes: French oak staves, vanilla bean, petrichor, sun-dried pine, bitter orange rind, grated nutmeg, cut ice, acorn, granite, moss, bonfire, char, applewood.

Bitters are a crucial ingredient in creating a well-balanced craft cocktail, adding depth and complexity to your drink. With ancient roots in China and the Mediterranean, bitters have evolved from their medicinal beginnings to become an essential component of modern cocktail-making.

Artemisia Farm elevates American cocktail culture with their unique bitters made from native Appalachian botanicals. Their handcrafted blends capture the subtleties of the region's terroir, creating a more sustainable and intentional cocktail experience. By blending medicinal and artisanal ingredients, Artemisia Farm offers a distinct taste that embodies the natural beauty of the Appalachian landscape. Try their bitters in your favorite cocktails and taste the difference that local, responsibly-sourced ingredients can make. 

  • Crafted from whole, native botanicals
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Made by humans in small batches
  • Made in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia