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Single-Serve Cocktail Mix Sampler (10 packets)

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About the Product

Take a trip around the world in classic cocktails! This sampler includes 10 single-serve cocktail mix packets for you to experiment with. Try them all to find your favorites! 

Leisuremann's mixes take the guesswork out of crafting a great cocktail wherever you are. Whether you're adventuring outdoors, chilling at home, or traveling to your next destination, look no further than these space-saving, party-in-a-pouch, gems of pure cocktail awesomeness. Margaritas on your next flight to Mexico, anyone? You get the idea.

Old Fashioned
A bonafide cocktail in portable form. This mix doesn't mask the subtle flavors and aromas in your favorite whiskey but refines the drinking experience by adding a slight cane sugar sweetness, aromatic bitters, and expressed citrus notes for one heck of an old-world cocktail experience. Best served on the rocks, straight up, or neat.

Classic Daiquiri
A bright and simple combination of fresh lime and cane sugar. When mixed with white rum, get ready to 'ARRRRRRRR!'. Best served on the rocks, straight up, or neat.

Bloody Mary
A bold celebration of tomato and spices like celery, red pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and sea salt. Created to be refreshing and not spirit-forward, this Bloody Mary mix shines with flavor. Best served on the rocks and garnished with anything from a celery stalk to a hamburger.

The classic Paloma cocktail is all about the beauty of balance. "The Dove" excites taste buds with a bright combination of tart grapefruit, sweet simple syrup, and earthy tequila. Best served in a low-ball glass with crushed ice - just add spirit, water, and mix! Garnish with a slice of grapefruit or a wedge of lime and salt rim.

Bee's Knees
Celebrate the blend of a perfectly balanced cocktail. The drink is best served straight up or on the rocks. With a full flavor profile of both lemon and honey, this true speakeasy sensation is at home with the most robust gins of today and yesterday. Try it with sparkling water for a refreshing zero-proof mocktail.

A happy balance of vodka, sweet citrus, and tart berry shines bright in this classic girls-night-out cocktail. Best served on the rocks or straight up.

Mai Tai
The ultimate Tiki cocktail in all its glory with upfront orange and almond sweetness finished by a refreshing lime, orange, and pineapple citrus note. Best served on the rocks in a low-ball glass. Garnish with a pineapple slice, a sprig of mint, and a tiny umbrella.

A festive celebration of Tequila with bright, forward citrus notes rounding with a subtle, sweet mouthfeel. Best served on the rocks, straight up, neat, or frozen.

The beach in a glass! White rum with forward yet refreshing mint notes, thirst-quenching fresh lime, and a deliciously subtle simple syrup. Best served on the rocks with a mint sprig and lime wedge garnish.

Moscow Mule
The harmonious combination of ginger, lime, and spirit. On first taste, you will get a burst of lime-forward citrus followed by subtly spicy and sweet ginger. Best served over crushed ice in a copper mug and garnished with a lime wedge.

About the Maker

The Leisuremann's story began in 2016 when, on a bitterly cold hiking trip, two college buddies craved a comforting cocktail. Armed with whiskey, powdered orange drink mix, and an ancient bottle of bitters found at a mountain lodge, they whipped up a primitive Old Fashioned. This sparked the idea for a go-anywhere, enjoy-anytime, portable cocktail mix that people would love.

Leisuremann's mixes are made in small batches in Lafayette, Louisiana using only the best natural ingredients - you won't find anything artificial here.

Since their first cocktail mix was born, their flavor collection has expanded to include other classics rooted in mixology and cocktail history - nothing experimental, just tried-and-true classics that you can make anywhere. Just add water, your favorite spirit, and ice!

More Details

    • Sampler pack of ten (10) different flavors
    • One (1) single-serve packet makes one (1) drink
    • No preservatives or anti-clumping agents
    • Perfect for traveling!
    • Made in Lafayette, Louisiana