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What's So Great About Tonic Syrup? - Shady Lady Mercantile

What's So Great About Tonic Syrup?

What's So Great About Tonic Syrup?

Tonic syrup is a relatively new arrival on the cocktail scene, embracing quality ingredients, small-batch production methods, and unique flavor profiles. But, what is tonic syrup and how do you use it? What's so great about it?

A Very Brief History of Tonic

Tonic water has been a beverage staple since the British Empire used natural quinine - from the bitter bark of the cinchona tree - to prevent and treat malaria. British officials stationed in India and other parts of the world mixed quinine with soda and sugar to create a homemade version of tonic water, which was later commercially bottled by Schweppes. 

Tonic Water vs. Tonic Syrup

Most brands of tonic water you find on the shelves today are a clear soft drink made with low-cost ingredients like processed quinine, high-fructose corn syrup or aspartame, as well as other preservatives and "natural flavors".

Tonic syrup, on the other hand, is a concentrated liquid made from quinine, sugar, and water. This modern version revitalizes the classic with all-natural quinine, small-batch production methods, and fresh aromatics, herbs, spices, and botanicals.

By using tonic syrup, you can easily customize the flavor of your drink by adjusting the syrup, water, and spirit proportions. Make a handcrafted drink that suits your mood and taste buds!

Tonic syrup is also more economical. Mix with any sparkling water from your local grocery or bust out the Soda Stream if you have one. No need to spend your hard-earned cash on bottles of tonic water that will go flat in your pantry.

How Tonic Syrup is Made

Tonic syrup is commonly made by steeping quinine with botanicals, sugar, and water. Different blends of fresh and dried botanicals give tonic syrups unique flavor profiles and characteristics. These might be herbs, spices, fruit, flower petals, and more. The possible flavor combinations are endless!

How to Use Tonic Syrup

Tonic syrup can be used in a variety of cocktails and alcohol-free drinks to add a touch of bitterness and complexity.

To use tonic syrup in its purest form, simply mix it with sparkling water. To make it a cocktail, add a clear spirit like gin or vodka and a squeeze of fresh lime. 

The amount of syrup you use will depend on your personal taste. If you like your drinks on the bitter side, you may want to add more syrup. If you prefer a milder flavor, add less. Up to you!

What Drinks Can You Make With Tonic Syrup?

The most popular use for tonic syrup is the classic gin & tonic cocktail with a squeeze of fresh lime. So refreshing!

But, did you know tonic syrup can put a spin on other classics? 

Here are some fresh ideas for using tonic syrup:

  • Tom Collins: This classic cocktail is made with gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Try replacing the simple syrup with tonic syrup.

Ready to Try Tonic Syrup?

Are you ready to give tonic syrup a try? We're proud to carry several flavors of high-quality all-natural tonic syrups for your drinking pleasure.

Have questions? Drop a comment below!

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