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Cane & Herb | Garden Fresh Simple Syrups

Cane & Herb

Memphis, Tennessee

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Cane & Herb started organically. Co-founder Lauren loves to experiment with cocktails and new ways to elevate the drinking experience at home with her husband, Rob. One evening, she decided to create her own botanical simple syrup with rosemary from her garden - the perfect balance of sweet and savory. She added some gin to the first batch of rosemary-infused syrup. At first taste, Rob knew this was something everyone had to try. 

A few weeks later, they hosted a tasting with local friends and family to introduce their first flavors - rosemary and basil. Armed with feedback from the testers, Lauren and Rob went back into the kitchen to perfect their recipes. They started selling syrups at the Memphis Farmers Market and haven't stopped since.

Cane & Herb prides themselves on using the finest ingredients available to create their lineup of botanical syrups - raw organic cane sugar, filtered water, and herbs grown fresh in their home garden. They take their time with every batch to achieve the perfect flavor with rich herbal flavor in every drop.

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