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Carmel Berry | Small-Batch Elderberry & Elderflower Syrups

Carmel Berry

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

carmel berry owner

Most great ideas start small. That’s how Katie and Ben Reneker, founders of the Carmel Berry Company started out - handcrafting small batches of syrups and cordials with elderberries and elderflowers wild-harvested or grown on their small farm. 

Katie and Ben's interest in the elderberry started at home and quickly grew into their wider Carmel community. When their two boys grew to school age, the family started looking into ways to chase off classroom bugs and discovered their fondness for an immune-boosting morning shot of elderberry syrup.

Because the products came from Europe, Katie was surprised and delighted when she began identifying these captivating plants in her local community. What she had understood to be an exotic fruit was suddenly within reach. Then, an opportunity to create a business that aligned with her values of sustainability emerged. Katie soon began working with local farmers to create Carmel Berry Co., one of the first elderberry brands to source domestically. 

Using the highest quality, organic and locally sourced ingredients, Katie transforms elderberries and elderflowers into a high-value, shelf-stable bottled product that does not require refrigeration. “We decided to keep our syrup light and fresh, with minimal processing. It’s yummy mixed into sparkling water or cocktails and desserts as well as taken straight.” 

"Our mission is to create delicious, fresh-pressed elderberry products that support our values; promoting health, supporting our local community and our farmers, and living sustainably."