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Mad Maiden | Organic, Artisanal Shrubs

Mad maiden SHRUB

Madison, Wisconsin

janet chen mad maiden owner

Mad Maiden Shrub is a full-strength drinking vinegar made from organic apples and pears from local Wisconsin orchards and hand-crafted to sweet perfection. Since 2013, Janet Chen, aka the 'Mad Maiden', has brewed delicious, tangy shrub for a variety of small kitchens in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Mad Maiden makes all its shrubs in small batches, using only locally-sourced ingredients from their favorite farms and orchards. In her spare time, the Mad Maiden explores Wisconsin, Illinois and the wider Midwest flavors with her Future Self. 

“Infusing vinegar is like making tinctures and salves with wildcrafted fruit and herbs. It is creative, hands-on, and connects us to the Earth. Plus, drinking vinegars are a great way to use food that would otherwise be wasted. ”

- Janet Chen, the Mad Maiden

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