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Red Root Co. | Handcrafted, Plant-Based Shrubs for Cocktails

Red Root & Co.

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

red root and co owner

Red Root & Co handcrafts plant-based shrubs, bitters, tonics, and other herbal preparations from high quality ingredients using local, organic and fair trade practices. This small company appreciates the diversity of the plant world and strives to highlight unique flavors, qualities and nutrients, bringing them from the garden and forest to your palate.

Red Root & Co. is a humble unfolding of dreams and passions centered around a love of plants, sustenance, health and tasty nourishment. Founder Corey MacDonald has been dreaming about food entrepreneurship for the better part of 33 years. She is an herb and food nerd at heart, and a bit of a renegade about it. You’ll find her outside or in the kitchen, infusing the wild and the cultivated, blending old with new, bringing bright, delicious, nutritious variety to your health and your feast.