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Strongwater Mountain Elixirs | Shady Lady Mercantile

Strongwater Mountain Elixirs

Denver, Colorado


"I grew up steeped in the magic of natural remedies. Half Norwegian and half Korean, I learned about both Scandinavian folk medicine and Asian herbal tonics handed down for generations. Growing up exploring the outdoors and learning to harness the power of plants, I went onto becoming a chemist in Colorado, where I befriended an herbalist and a mixologist.

Together, we created bold bitters designed to be powerful potions that could “heal the soul and spruce your cocktail.” Inspired by 16th century Strongwater shops where spirits were used as medicine to heal, we set out to create unique mountain elixirs for a more inspired take on bar staples. Today, Strongwater empowers you to effortlessly craft world-class cocktails. Created in the Wild West of drinks, we mastered the rules of ancient alchemy before breaking them to make cutting-edge, modern mixers that lift your spirits."

- Nick Andresen, Co-Founder, Strongwater Mountain Elixirs

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