Lavender Infused Simple Syrup (8oz) by Cane & Herb

Lavender Infused Simple Syrup (8oz)

Cane & Herb
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Soothing, sweet, and sensational. This Lavender Infused Simple Syrup is a fan favorite - it makes great lattes, lemonade, and gin and tonics. Bakers use it to keep their cakes moist, and tea lovers add a bit to their chamomile for super sink-into-the-sofa relaxation mode.

Cane & Herb has one mission: deliver a sweet and herbaceous experience to your everyday life. From their home base in Memphis, Tennessee, they start with organic cane sugar and infuse fresh herbs from their own greenhouse to give freshness and a unique flavor to every spoonful of their simple syrup. They take pride in small batch production, ensuring quality in every bottle.

Whether it's a glass of iced tea on a hot summer afternoon or a refreshing cocktail after a long week, this delectable syrup will add a little something special to your glass.

  • One (1) 8-ounce bottle
  • Shake well before use
  • Refrigerate after opening
  • Made in small batches using homegrown garden herbs
  • Made in Memphis, Tennessee

Ingredients: Water, organic cane sugar, lavender, citric acid.

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