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Cocktail & Soda Mixer Sampler - Floral (3.4oz)

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About the Product

This cocktail and soda syrup sampler is the perfect introduction to a few of Portland Syrups' most-loved floral flavors. Experiment with different recipes for cocktails and zero-proof mocktails without committing to a full-size bottle. Makes a great gift!

  • Lavender: Made with whole French lavender, this syrup adds just the right amount of floral essence to your soda or cocktail. Try it with clear spirits, sparkling wine, matcha, or tea.

  • Hibiscus Cardamom: This syrup's full berry flavor and vibrant color are developed from a blend of fresh hibiscus flowers and rosehips. Hand-ground, whole-toasted cardamom pods add depth and subtle spice.

  • Rose Cordial: Made by slow-brewing whole dried rose blossoms, petals, and dried rosehips in small batches. Vibrant, sweet, tart, and extremely versatile. Try it mixed with clear spirits and seltzer for a summer cocktail or zero-proof mocktail. Drizzle it over ice cream!

About the Maker

Portland Syrups are premium, small-batch syrups brewed by hand in Oregon with seasonally selected whole ingredients and natural sweeteners. They feature 40% less sugar than a typical mixer, yet are carefully formulated to have a stronger flavor per serving. Each 12-ounce bottle makes 12-24 cocktails, or nearly one gallon of finished, full-strength soda.

More Details

    For sodas, syrups are typically mixed in a ratio of 1:6 or 1:7 with chilled, sparkling water. This creates a traditional-strength soda in terms of flavor and sweetness.

    • Sampler includes three 3.4oz bottles - Lavender, Hibiscus Cardamom, Rose Cordial
    • 3-6 servings per bottle
    • Shelf-stable for 24 months
    • Refrigerate after opening. Will keep refrigerated for 6 months.
    • Ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible.
    • Made with whole ingredients. No extracts.
    • Made in Portland, Oregon