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Bloody Mary Single-Serve Cocktail Mix (1 packet)

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About the Product

The ultimate brunch cocktail! Originally created in 1930s Paris at an American bar, the Bloody Mary was equal parts tomato juice and vodka. Created half out of necessity and half out of the want for something new, the Bloody Mary began to gain speed throughout bars across the world.

As it grew in popularity, the drink morphed, prompting bartenders to use new ingredients such as red pepper, black pepper, sea salt, celery, lemon, and Worcestershire sauce to give the drink a more rounded flavor.

Nowadays, you can find a Bloody Mary on most bar menus throughout the world. Some people enjoy the tomato flavor whereas others order it for the majestic spectacle that is the garnish. Bacon or shrimp, anyone?

A Leisuremann's Bloody Mary is bold, celebrating the blend of bright tomato and spices like celery, red pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and sea salt. Created to be refreshing and not spirit forward, this Bloody Mary mix is packed with flavor. It's best served on the rocks and garnished with anything from a celery stalk to a hamburger. The choice is yours.

About the Maker

The Leisuremann's story began in 2016 when, on a bitterly cold hiking trip, two college buddies craved a comforting cocktail. Armed with whiskey, powdered orange drink mix, and an ancient bottle of bitters found at a mountain lodge, they whipped up a primitive Old Fashioned. This sparked the idea for a go-anywhere, enjoy-anytime, portable cocktail mix that people would love.

Leisuremann's mixes are made in small batches in Lafayette, Louisiana using only the best natural ingredients - you won't find anything artificial here.

Since their first cocktail mix was born, their flavor collection has expanded to include other classics rooted in mixology and cocktail history - nothing experimental, just tried-and-true classics that you can make anywhere. Just add water, your favorite spirit, and ice!

More Details

  • One (1) single-serve packet makes one (1) drink
  • No preservatives or anti-clumping agents
  • Perfect for traveling!
  • Made in Lafayette, Louisiana
Ingredients: Tomato powder, Worcestershire sauce powder (distilled vinegar, molasses, corn syrup, salt, caramel color, garlic powder, sugar, spices, tamarind, natural flavor, sulfating agents, maltodextrin, and silicon dioxide), celery salt (sea salt, celery seed), crystallized lemon (citric acid, malic acid, lemon oil, lemon juice), cayenne pepper.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love, love, love!

I took this on an airplane and was pleasantly surprised - this made one of the best Bloody Mary's I've ever had! Spicy (but not too much) and wonderfully flavorful. The proportions stated on the package are perfect. Hard to believe it comes from a dried mix. Amazing!!!

The best part may have been asking the Flight Attendant for a cup of ice, water, and a mini vodka but no bloody mix. He gave me a funny look and I showed him my little red packet which cracked him up. Of course I brought my own! Lol

Just what our backpacking weekend needed!

I have never reviewed anything before, but these were made for our weekend backpacking girls' trip and I am stoked to have found this store! They say for backpacking you can have quality/durability, price, or weight - pick 2, but these hit all 3!
1) Quality - delicious, spicy, and a little thick (in a good way, no thin Bloody Mary here). These left more than one of us saying "If a dehydrated Bloody Mary can be so good, what are some restaurants doing wrong?!". No ice in the backcountry, so added a little extra cool alpine-lake filtered water.
2) Price- At $2 each, these were a much more reasonable price point than another type I found at $20 for a box of 3
3) Weight - obviously pretty light, no excessive packaging
4) Bonus - great customer service! I had ordered 10, but when they only had 9 in stock, someone contacted me quickly and offered to refund the one they lacked or include a different sample plus a bonus (I chose the second option). Despite this hiccup, they were still able to ship in time for me to take them on my trip a few days later!

I will definitely be shopping here again for future backpacking trips!

Ali, thanks so much for the thoughtful review! So glad to hear these worked out so well for your trip. Especially love that you used fresh lake water, so resourceful ;) All the best! - Laura