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Margarita Single-Serve Cocktail Mix (1 packet)

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About the Product

Did you know that the Margarita is the world's most popular cocktail? Legend has it that the first Margaritas originated in cantinas across Mexico in the 1930s, crafted for mysterious individuals who wanted something uniquely refreshing, deceptively simple, and made locally. The Margarita was born! As the years progressed and variations arose, this simple cocktail morphed into ubiquity the world over.

A Leisuremann's Margarita celebrates Tequila with bright, forward citrus notes rounding with a subtle, sweet mouthfeel. This cocktail is best served on the rocks, straight up, neat, or frozen.

About the Maker

The Leisuremann's story began in 2016 when, on a bitterly cold hiking trip, two college buddies craved a comforting cocktail. Armed with whiskey, powdered orange drink mix, and an ancient bottle of bitters found at a mountain lodge, they whipped up a primitive Old Fashioned. This sparked the idea for a go-anywhere, enjoy-anytime, portable cocktail mix that people would love.

Leisuremann's mixes are made in small batches in Lafayette, Louisiana using only the best natural ingredients - you won't find anything artificial here.

Since their first cocktail mix was born, their flavor collection has expanded to include other classics rooted in mixology and cocktail history - nothing experimental, just tried-and-true classics that you can make anywhere. Just add water, your favorite spirit, and ice!

More Details

  • One (1) single-serve packet makes one (1) drink
  • No preservatives or anti-clumping agents
  • Perfect for traveling!
  • Made in Lafayette, Louisiana

Ingredients: Sugar, citric acid, lime oil, lime juice, ascorbic acid, dried cane syrup

Customer Reviews

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Easy Peasy

Love these little packets. Margarita is my favorite.