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Cocktail Bitters Sampler Box

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About the Product

This sampler box of Woodster's signature small-batch bitters is a great way to play with different flavors and get creative. With all of these options, there isn’t a drink you can’t make.

Bitters: The Secret to Making Great Cocktails

The sampler box of five signature flavors includes a 1/2-ounce bottle of Jalapeño Lime, Hibiscus Apple, Smoked Orange, Chai, and Tiki bitters. The bottles are individually sealed and packaged in a sturdy box on a bed of black shredded paper, ready for gifting. Your favorite cocktail enthusiast would love to receive this gift!

Jalapeño Lime: These bitters are made from fresh limes, jalapeños, and spices. They are spicy without an overwhelming level of heat and finish on a smoky note. Great for Margaritas, Gimlets, or Moscow Mules.

Hibiscus Apple: This tincture-like blend adds floral notes, tartness, and a vibrant magenta color (from hibiscus flowers). Try a few drops in a champagne cocktail, tiki drink, martini, or margarita!

Smoked Orange: Made from whole oranges smoked over pecan wood, these bitters are the perfect blend of smoke, citrus, and spice. They are perfect for a warm, classic Old Fashioned or Manhattan cocktail.

Chai Bitters: Made with warm spices, including high-quality black tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, and black pepper. Add a dash to your next rum or whiskey cocktail for some extra warmth. Or, add to your morning coffee or tea with a splash of milk!

Tiki Bitters: These tiki bitters are the perfect complement to your island-inspired cocktails. We recommend adding a dash to a classic rum cocktail or fabulous tiki drinks served in ceramic Moai, volcanoes, or shrunken heads. Elaborate garnishes encouraged!

About the Maker

Woodster Bitters' founder, Greg Hutcheson, has a passion for cocktails and has been mixing them at home for decades. Ten years ago, he began making bitters at home to add the depth of flavor that was missing from his drinks, especially his all-time favorite Old Fashioned. After much experimentation, Smoked Orange bitters were born and proved to be the perfect companion to a smokey Old Fashioned.

Since then, Woodster Bitters has perfected a lineup of flavors perfect for adding flavor depth and balance to your drinks. Their selection of uncomplicated flavors allows you to build the perfect cocktail at home with fresh, easy-to-understand ingredients.

Best of all, they're made with love. Greg's beloved dog, Woody, is front and center on every label, "pointing the way to great flavor". 

More Details

  • Five (5) 1/2-ounce bottles
  • Packaged in a sturdy box with shredded paper for gifting
  • Crafted in small batches
  • Bottles made from amber glass block UV light to keep bitters tasting fresh.
  • Made in Decatur, Georgia

Ingredients: Spices, fruit, water, alcohol